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Bubble Puff & Tea

Bubble Puff & Tea is created by two PCC alumni for the simple love of Tea and Hong Kong style egg waffles. After months of location scouting, we finally settled down at 12 Harkness Ave, just across from PCC campus. We want to serve our beloved students and community by bringing the best premium tea beverages and the most authentic Egg Waffles from Taiwan and Hong Kong, and much more.

In our name, ‘Bubble’ stands for Boba and ‘Puff’ for Egg Waffle. Carefully sourced from premium tea plantations in Taiwan and Japan, we only pick the highest quality tea leaves for brewing our drinks. The egg waffles are made with unique recipes that combine egg-rich batter with various flavors. As we constantly strive to come up with new ideas for drinks and snacks, we are always reminded of our goal: “to deliver an inviting space and to serve consistent high quality food with exceptional customer service.”

Welcome to Bubble Puff & Tea, you will be assured to receive the quality and service we promise.


Address: 12 Harkness Ave Pasadena, CA 91106
Phone: (626) 421-6929