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We established Colette as a neighborhood cafe to welcome people from all walks of life and for various occasions. Our goal is to provide you with an inviting experience whether you're joining us for a quick breakfast, after a morning hike, a friends or family gathering, a business meeting, a date, or other special occasion.

Whatever the occasion may be, our ambiance and setting at Colette will serve your needs. Whether you are on the go or want to relax and hang out with friends, our indoor seating area and the outdoor patio are designed to offer you a cozy and comfortable space for you to enjoy your meal. In addition, our food is cooked-to-order and is prepared with quality in mind. Whenever it is possible, our food is prepared using ingredients from local farmer's markets.

At Colette, we believe going out to dine is an experience that involves all of the senses, not just taste. Therefore, we try to ensure that in addition to great quality and taste of our menu items, our guests will enjoy the service provided by our staff, and our decor. We want to be able to provide a memorable experience to each guest so that you will return with your friends and family.


Address: 975 N Michillinda Ave Pasadena, CA 91107
Phone: (626) 510-6286