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Movita Juice Bar-LONG BEACH

Movita Juice Bar was founded by two business partners.

For one partner, a life-threatening cancer diagnosis of his child became a life-changing wake-up call. The family was experiencing a difficult and painful period in their lives.

Today, the family is a family of a “child cancer survivor” and they are eternally grateful for God’s provision. They show gratitude by giving back to the communities we serve in.

It was during the child’s medical treatment that the two business founders joined in their mission to better educate themselves and their families for healthier eating habits.

They headed down a path of many questions –

Why wait for illness to occur before we decide to change our eating habits? Wouldn’t life be better if we avoided illness by creating healthier eating habits and not wait until we are ill?

These questions and many others followed these gentlemen for days, weeks, and months to follow – This education and healthy life practice became their mission.

Their mission became our company’s mission of providing healthier eating alternatives.


Address: 421 W Broadway Ste. 461 Long Beach CA 90802
Phone: 562.269.0644‬