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NY Pizza Factory

Have you ever entered a place to just have a satisfactory meal but end up having the best food experience of your entire life? I thought I was only at a small pizza place but everything changed the second I walked into the New York Pizza Factory. This was by far the most superior pizza place compared to any other pizza joint I have ever had the pleasure of dining at. I felt like I was actually in the presence of a small pizza parlor from New York in the city of Manhattan. This place has done more than exceed my expectations in all aspects possible. I had the ultimate restaurant experience with this restaurant due to the huge variety of food available. Being inside is like taking a trip to an edible wonderland of utterly deliciousness, not to mention that the setting of the parlor is extremely attractive. On top of everything else, I was completely astounded by the outstanding service from the whole employment staff!


Address: 5706 E Los Angeles Ave Simi Valley, CA 93063
Phone: (805) 579-6151