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It was the year 2000. The dawn of a new millennium.The world was full of possibilities and in this exciting new world,
two young entrepreneurs had a dream.

A world beyond generic juices and blended drinks. A world of new combinations, new flavors, and new ideas to keep taste buds happy. And they dreamt of a fun place where people would gather and enjoy these innovative new drinks together. Today, the Tastea dream is a reality. We continue to push the envelope with new drinks and flavors -- constantly creating and searching for new ways to make people smile. But at the same time, we still serve the classics that so many of our customers love, from Thai Iced Tea to Green Milk to Taro Milk Tea and more. Of course, the center of the Tastea experience is our unique tea bar, where customers can hang out with friends and make some new ones, all while enjoying the most refreshing treat around. So if you're looking for a fresh new taste and a fun new experience, belly up to your local Tastea bar.


Address: 1201 SOUTH EUCLID ST, ANAHEIM CA 92802
Phone: (714) 867 - 1991